This is my space!

Senna's side of the room is a reflection of who she is: a character born of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Ravaging through decades of family photos and magazines, she pastes only the most telling images alongside her bed. A 2011 calendar opened to April reads—in consciously careless cursive— "It will never be this April again." The underside of her shelf is painted off-brown, a faux-wood giving the appearance of chipped bark. Her friends, as per her instruction, write messages in the paint. Slightly to the left of the collage that has become her wall, the Chinese character for "and" is painted in block, gold font.

Julia's side is a reflection of who she is: Senna's polar opposite. She has beige bed, with beige pillows, and a beige canopy. Her glass bedside table has a few trophies, a lamp, and her favorite candle. To describe the room in more depth would be to defeat the purpose of its normalcy.

Julia and Senna have been roommates their entire lives, dating back to the womb. The twins have always been caught in a clash of civilizations, balancing artistic styles, lifestyle habits, and sharing policies with one another. Because of their differences, this balance is often impossible to negotiate, and more often than not, ends up being more of a settlement than a compromise.

Sibling relationships are complex. Our whole lives we balance being best friends with fiercely competing for attention, resources, and individualism. Affirming their individuality is even more important for twins—meaning small squabbles over a side table or a poster are much more than they seem. These trivialities over objects convince the other that no matter how much we depend on each other, our own choices matter simply because they are ours.

The twin sisters will forever have each other's back. Over time, they will stop borrowing items without checking, and might even start liking each other's style. However, one thing is clear, their space is their space!

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Iva Teixeira is Co-Founder and CEO of Nestead. Her favorite space is the kitchen breakfast counter. Julia Lauer is a Harvard University student pursuing an honors concentration in government, a secondary in economics, and a citation in Chinese language.
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